What We Do…

Well… mainly cleansing and a lotta extras to make your wellness journey a little easier....

Uh... did you say cleansing?
Yeah you read it correctly and no, that’s not a typo.

Established in 2007, we set out to establish an urban oasis that would stand out above & beyond typical industry standards. As LA's premier gravity-centered cleansing and wellness boutique, it is our objective to provide clients with a relaxing state of the art cleansing experience.


Cleansing? Not an easy subject. Yet, clients find the ease & gentle nature of our gravity-centered system to be the best cleansing experience that some have ever received. Those who are new to rejuvenation and cleansing find it to be a very inviting experience as well. Many are relieved to see that there are no fire hoses or elaborate contraptions! Even the guys find it to be extremely male-friendly.


Wellness centers come a dime a dozen in this town. Clearly, you can choose anyone for your needs.  However, it's an honor when a client picks up that phone to call us despite possible fears & so many choices. We promise not to take ourselves too seriously or be overly dogmatic in our philosophy.


We will meet you on whatever page you are on in a non-judgmental way all the while infusing humor and enlightenment. Simply, we are cleansing and poop revolutionaries who are here to witness, encourage and be a part of your growth, transformation and wellness journey. So whaddaya' waiting for?


My Holistic Life

Health, Wellness, Raw Food, Fibromyalgia Recovery, Cleansing, Musical Inspiration and other great videos featuring the light, wise, humorous, and completely earnest expertise and experience of Fatima Lowe, Author and Founder of Holistic Life LLC. - On YouTube.

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Holistic Education

Holistic Life, LLC offers holistic education for people needing to detoxify their system, make the transition to a raw food diet, and tap into the intuitive healing powers of one's own body ecology. Outings, seminars, free downloads, eBooks and more.

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Holistic Kudos

It's official. The word is out . . . Our Clients think we rock. Read what people are saying on Yelp and other forums about their visit to the facility, and their experience with Holistic Life, LLC's founder - Fatima Lowe.

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Holistic Insights

Having successfully recovered from Fibromyalgia, and a host of other ailments such as constipation, candida, chronic fatigue, depression, PMS, & thyroid related weight gain we've learned a few things and share our insights here.

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Everybody poops. EVERYBODY! Some, more than others but the truth is: Everybody does it, plain and simple. Unfortunately, people are naïve and have stigmas surrounding poop. Most have a serious embarrassment regarding constipation. Our stigmas, and hang ups are getting us sicker and sicker because there are things about defecation and bowel health that we should know but don’t. - Learn more...

"I am a living example. Given the proper tools. Mind. Body. Spirit. The body can and will heal itself. "
-Fatima Lowe, Founder - Holistic Life, LLC

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