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Fatima Lowe-Williams: Holistic Life, Founder

Fatima Lowe-Williams

Fatima Lowe-Williams, Holistic Life Founder

Singing with Mary J Blige, Wyclef Jean, Fugees, three Stellar Award nominations as a member of neo-soul inspirational group Spiritual Pieces… add to that a successful career in acting with guest starring roles in such shows as Seinfeld, Beverly Hills 90210 and TV pilot series, Divas for which I was nominated for an NAACP Award for Best Actress…..

Anyone looking from the outside in would have assumed that this was a dream life for me. It was. Things were really happening! I was on the fast track to notoriety and it appeared that Hollywood was starting to take notice. And then it happened! Illness came into my life, halted my groove, and paved the way for some valuable life lessons.

After a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia Syndrome, I knew that I had found greater purpose. I set out to discover a way in which my body could heal naturally thus allowing me to safely wean off of prescription drugs & beat the illness despite reports of there being no known cause & no known cure.

No longer could my life be about jet setting to and from auditions and studio sessions. I needed time to heal. Thus began my journey. I decided to go the alternative route and began purging, cleansing and detoxifying my body (including my thoughts) made drastic lifestyle & dietary changes. I have successfully recovered from Fibromyalgia, & a host of other ailments such as constipation, candida, chronic fatigue, depression, PMS, & thyroid related weight gain. Along the way, I discovered colon hygiene and holistic health: Total life and game changers!

As a result of my newfound passion for wellness, I founded of Holistic Life, LLC, Los Angeles’ premier Wood Gravity colon hygiene, digestive wellness and nutrition coaching boutique.  I have been featured in publications such as NJ Metro, the National Fibromyalgia Association’s Aware Magazine, LA’s Daily Candy, best selling book Detox 4 Women; by New York nutritionist Natalia Rose and most recently appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) to name a few.

Being an over-comer, naturally lends itself to a passion for helping others. Thankfully the music and melody has re-emerged with my healing and serves as an extension of my service to others. As a result of my healing journey and because I will always be an artist to my core, I co-produced and released Purge & Re-Member, a signature wellness CD which documents my spiritual and emotional healing process through song. I have been known to occasionally bust into song and post on my You Tube channel. It’s a fun, playful and very real part of who I am. That’s what wellness is: embracing ALL aspects of who were are and allowing ourselves to truly BE.

I believe that wellness is a whole person approach that doesn’t have to come with extremes and dogma. I am honored to be a part of your process and show you how.

Angela Marie

Angela Marie, Associate & Fellow Poop Enthusiast!

Angela Marie, Associate Colon Hygienist  & Fellow Poop Enthusiast!

Angela hails from Pittsburgh, PA by way of having spent the last decade as a performer on Broadway in NYC.

After years of battling debilitating Crohn’s disease and Colitis; Angela discovered that nutrition and colon hygiene held the secret to her recovery. She began vigorously studying  and learning how she could heal herself. Part of this journey involved stumbling upon the blessing of colonics.

Years later she is a walking example of vibrance, health and the very real possibility that one can heal herself and create a new reality that is not based on pain and digestive upset.

In 2010, she decided to become certified in the Wood Gravity Method of colon hygiene so that she could continue on her amazing wellness journey while also helping others.

She brings a half decade of cleansing experience to the Holistic Life team. Additionally she comes with Stellar reviews after working in colon hygiene and customer care at Gravity one of  New York City’s leading Wood Gravity colonic centers.

She has a passion for helping people feel better in their bodies and getting in tune with their overall health through Colon Hygiene, nutrition and a lifestyle of self care.

Oh and did we mention….she sings like an angel.



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